Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him: Boyfriend Edition

    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him: Boyfriend Edition 


Valentine’s Day is on its way, and although this holiday is filled with romance and other delightfully mushy stuff – it can be very stressful when trying to shop for your boyfriend.


Fortunately for you and your rising blood pressure, we’ve got plenty of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. Whether you want to keep it casual, or straight up blow his mind with elegance: we’re here to help.


The Classiest Piece His Wrist Has Ever Seen


wood watch lying on a whiskey barrel


Watches are great, and we’re not just talking about their amazing time-telling abilities. They add a boost of subtle-yet-sophisticated flair to any ensemble … especially if you’re talking about our Benson Ebony Wood Watch


This watch face is made out of Ebony sourced straight out of Mozambique, with a genuine leather band designed to boost its elegance.  


And to really enhance one of the most perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him? Engrave it! Add his name, initials, a note, or even a handwritten message onto the back of the faceplate. Throw it in one of our wooden gift boxes to make him feel extra special, and voila! One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts ever. Told you.



A Fiery Valentine’s Day


For one of the absolute hottest Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him: look no further than … well, fire. Just like it sounds, the Radiate Portable Campfire is, literally, a portable campfire.



Each dinner plate-sized tin is filled with safely flammable (and recycled!) soy wax and paper briquettes. It’s easy to light up, and creates an impressively sized fire for anywhere between 3-5 hours. 



This wildly unique – but SO useful – gift is perfect and convenient for many occasions. Great for camping, backyard hangs, or just enhancing that mountain man feeling your guy gets when he puts on that red flannel of his.


A Little Elegance, a Little Practicality


The Orion White Oak Wooden Watch For Him


If your guy is the kind of guy who regularly switches between casual and formal, the Orion White Oak Watch might be right up his alley. After all, he really should be one of those guys who wears a wood watch, don’t you think?


The band on this wood watch is made out of white oak sourced straight from the United States, with a dark watch face that correlates perfectly with the light wood. It also features as much practicality as style; find three sub-dials on the face itself, plus a rotating calendar card.


Above all, it has that charming chameleon ability to match smoothly with everything from polos to T-shirts to full-on tuxedos.


And don’t forget about the whole engraving thing …!


The Gift of Song


Seeking more creative Valentine’s Day gifts for Boyfriend? If your man is a music maker (or just likes music), consider a Song Soundwave Art.


This exclusive art piece features the soundwaves of your song of choice. Is “Endless Love” the designated song of your relationship? Was “All of Me” playing the first time you danced together? Does “Haven’t Met You Yet” always remind you of him when you hear it?


They can custom-make any piece of art for any piece of music; in fact, are you dating a musician? You can absolutely have his own musical works framed too.



It’s simple but meaningful – and, best of all, only the two of you will know what it means.


From Techie to Trendy


Apple Watch Bands | Stainless Steel + Wood


If your boyfriend insists on wearing his Apple Watch wherever he goes, we’re giving you the ability to at least make it look good.


Our Wooden Apple Watch Bands come in three oh-so-vogue types, guaranteed to make his utilitarian timepiece look like … a normal timepiece. Might we even say a fashionable timepiece?



Choose from Black Stainless Steel + Red Sandalwood, Black Stainless Steel + Zebrawood, or Stainless Steel + Walnut. Each is made with a hybrid of stainless steel and wood, and looks WAY better than that rubber watchband he’s been rocking.


And yes, he’ll still be able to check his email just by looking at his wrist.


 Which Valentine's Day Gift Idea is right for him?


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