7 Reasons Why You Need To Wear A Wood Watch

   7 Reasons Why You Need To Wear A Wood Watch 

Thinking about hopping on the wood watch bandwagon?


For the sleek, the suave, and the practical gentlemen out there, these unique watches might just meet all of your watch-wearing needs. And then some. 


We’ve got so many wood watches for men – and we’ve got even more reasons for men to become the kind of men who wear wood watches.


Not convinced yet that your wrist needs that wooden sliver of time telling? We’ll change that.


They’re Way More Unique Than Metal Watches


koa wooden watch laying on its side


And also way more interesting than plastic or rubber ones.


Plus, all of these Wooden Band Watches have a, literally, one of a kind pattern – because they’re all real wood and that’s just how wood works. Real wood, not like plastic or rubber or metal wood.


Just hope you can get used to all of the comments, compliments, praise, and queries about where you got your watch.


It’s Customizable, Just Saying


engraved red sandalwood wood watch laying on a rock


If it’s a gift watch, a customized back is the perfect way to make it even more personalized. (And to remind the receiver who got them the best gift ever.)


But if it’s just for you – which is totally cool, hashtag treat yo’self – it’s a great way to make your greatest accessory even greater. 


Put your name, your initials, your favorite (short) quote, or that hilarious inside joke you have with yourself. Hey, man, those are the best kind of inside jokes.


You Can Wear Your Favorite Color


two wooden watches hanging from a tree branch


There are so many wooden watches for so many wooden watch kinds of wearers. Are you one of those flashy watch people? (What’s up Triple Crown Zebrawood.) A subtle watch person? (Oh, hello, Curtis Walnut.) A watch wearer who wants as much information in one small circle as possible? (Looking at you, Triple Crown Ebony.)


From the ostentatious to the subdued, there’s a wood watch out there for any open-minded wood watch wearer.


Oh, and did we mention the variety of face plates? (Hiiiiii there, Chiseled White Oak.)


Whenever You Check the Time, You Get to Remember That You’re Responsible for a New Tree


a man bending over to a plant a tree


Humble brag: whenever someone orders a wooden watch, we at Havern – in partnership with One Tree Planted – plant a tree. A brand, new, Mother Earth-pleasing tree.


Another humble brag: this is actually the case for polarized sunglasses and groomsmen gifts too – but we’re talking wooden watches here.


So if you feel like you’re breathing a little cleaner these days … why, that’s reforestation you’re smelling.


It Won’t Distract You With Emails, Text Messages, or LITERALLY EVERYTHING


wooden watch on a man's wrist


If you’re like absolutely everyone else in the world, using your smartphone as a time-teller only leads to checking texts, emails, social media, the weather, the news, your heart rate, your horoscope, what your ex is doing these days …


And, often, once you put it down, you can’t even remember what you were checking your phone for in the first place. (Hint: it was the “time.”)


A wooden watch promises to never distract you with nagging messages from your roommate or bog you down with world affairs.


It does have a few tricks up its sleeve, however.


Not only does it tell you the hour, it also tells you the minutes and the seconds. How’s that for “smart”?


You’ll Feel Closer to Nature


three watches laying on a wooden log


No need to go hug a tree, because you’ve already got a tiny piece of one wrapped around your wrist.


You Don’t Have to Strain Your Wrist


man touching his head with a ebony watch on his wrist



Your wrist has so much to do during the day, like bend occasionally and support an entire hand; why put more stress on it than it needs?


Wrap your busy wrist up in something super lightweight – take, for example, this Lenny Zebrawood. Like all the best wood watches, it’s light, it’s thin, and it’s clunk-free. 


Some might even say it’s like wearing a cloud all day.


A cloud that tells time. Which is the best kind of cloud.


If these 7 Reasons don't make you want a wood watch, then that Mickey Mouse watch from your childhood maybe the solution after-all.. but really, we hope you enjoyed this post and if you do have any questions our team is just a quick DM or email away!


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