What type of wood is used in the wooden watches?

Great question! We continuously source our woods from various suppliers around the world that ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain. Some of our most popular watch models are sourced right here in the United States! Below you will find a list of our current wood species offered in our mens wood watches:

- American Walnut
- American Maple
- American White Oak
- Ebony Sandalwood
- Red Sandalwood
- Zebrawood
- Bamboo
- Koa

Will your watches fit small and large wrists?

Yes, they will! Our wooden band watches fit wrist sizes as small as approximately 4inches and can be extended nearly infinitely to ensure proper fitment on your wrist. Check out our wooden watch band resizing tutorial here. Our leather band watches are equally as versatile and fit up to approximately 9-10” wrists depending on the specific model. Unlike wooden watch bands however, leather bands do not offer the ability to increase the length by adding additional links.

Can my Wooden band be resized? 

It sure can. Check out our how-to resize a wooden watch band section here

I have a nickel allergy, can I wear your watches?

Unfortunately, due to the metal content of our watch clasps, and the crowns of our watches, we do not recommend wearing a watch if you have a known nickel or metal allergy. If you are still head over heels in love with our products don’t lose hope! Our Wooden Mens and Womens Sunglasses are the perfect solution 😎

How do you change a wooden watch battery? 

Yup! Just send us a quick note including your order number and we will be happy to assist in replacing your watches battery. Alternatively, nearly any jeweler local to you will be able to replace your watches battery.

What battery does my wood watch use and where can I buy it? 

Our wood watches use the Sony SR626SW battery which can be found on Amazon by clicking here.

Are Wood Watches waterproof? 

NO! Do not swim in your wood watch! I repeat, do not swim, snorkle, boogity woogy board, synchronize swim, marco polo, or compete in olympic high diving wearing a wood watch! Our watches are resistant to simple splashes (IE: Washing dishes, rain, washing hands) but should not be submerged.

How much do HAVERN Watches weigh?

You’ll have to get your forearm workout else wear. Our wooden watches are light as a feather coming in on average of 1-2 Oz. depending on the specific model. 

Does adding custom engraving increase the fulfillment time? 

Not really. We strive to have ALL orders engraved, and shipped within 1-2 business days. Usually, orders placed on a given day are all shipped together, whether or not engraving was requested.  

Are Wooden Sunglasses durable?

Yup! The staff here at HAVERN personally prefer, and wear our wooden sunglasses anytime that elusive yellow thing stops playing hide and seek (yes, we are also passive aggressive that it is wintertime as of the writing of this)

I need multiple watches for my Groomsmen or Business

Great choice! We’d be happy to help. For quantities of 4-12, check out our groomsmen and corporate watch packages here. For greater quantities, or to order using your custom logo for corporate gifts, shoot us a quick email at info@havernwatches.com and we will be happy to assist in giving you the best pricing possible.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Our average lead time for production is 2-5 business days from purchase date.

Shipping is conducted via USPS for domestic and international orders.

Standard First class mail averages 3-5 days for delivery

Priority Mail takes 2-3 days for delivery

Priority Express takes 1-2 days for delivery

**International shipping times may vary but on average take 10-25 days for delivery.

***We do not cover International customs charges. Customs charges are covered by the purchaser of the item at the time of receipt.

How many characters can I have engraved?

We like to keep our engravings less then 15 words. The more characters required to engrave the smaller the font we have to use which can sometimes make the back of our watches hard to read.

What is a digital proof?

A digital proof is a digital rendering of your provided text/image prior to engraving, to allow changes or modifications if needed.  Digital renderings are sent via email prior to engraving.

Do you accept returns? 

Yes we do! Check out our dedicated Warranty and Returns page here for more information.

How can I find out about promotions and discounts?

Please follow us on Facebook, or Instagram to stay up to date on new product releases, discounts and promotions! We really like when our customers to share photos of there purchases on instagram, please tag us at #havernwatches

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Have another question that should be added to our FAQ page? Send us an email at info@havernwatches.com with any questions, we love hearing from our customers!