Gifts That Give Back This Holiday Season

    Gifts That Give Back This Holiday Season

Or maybe even “gifts that will make the receiver cry” (but like, in a good way).


Well, fortunately, we’ve got plenty of those kinds of gifts up our sleeve; holiday gift ideas for all of the people in your life that you think deserve a little extra holiday cheer, a little extra holiday giving, and a little extra holiday appreciation.


Some Holiday Cheer in the Form of Delicious


women decorating Christmas cookies


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – and that, as it turns out, is the case for everybody. Use your cooking or baking skills for good this holiday season to bring comfort and joy to those who need it most.


Is there a brand new parent couple in your life struggling through this whole new baby situation? If you’ve ever been a new parent, you know “cooking” (or “eating anything that requires more than one hand”) is the last thing on their minds. Set them up with a proper meal (one that even requires utensils!) to ensure that they have at least one good meal in their (exhausted) bellies.


Know someone who can’t make it home for the holidays this year – whether virus related or otherwise? Drop off a pumpkin pie and a quick hello; it might make them nostalgic for home, but in the best kind of way.


Or, make a whole bunch of those famous cookies of yours (even if the recipe is “Pillsbury Break-and-Bake”) and drop a few off to all of your favorite people. The best kind of holiday giving, after all, is the kind that says “I’m thinking about you.”


A Four-Legged Best Friend


two dogs looking out a window during the Christmas


Humans aren’t the only ones who need some holiday cheer this season. Check your local pet shelter; there are plenty of four-legged (or three-legged!) pets – of both the cat and dog variety – looking for a hospitable home.


And if you’re not in a position to commit, have no fear: fostering is here. Give this new furry friend a warm spot for just a few weeks or months over the holidays; with all the puppy (or kitty) love you get in return, it really is the gift that keeps on giving.


Eating for Two 


starbucks iced coffee sitting on a table


Next time you’re at the drive-thru, getting coffee, or even paying for a toll – offer to cover the person behind you.


It’s one of those seemingly minor but really thoughtful acts that’ll leave the recipient smiling for the rest of the day. And believing in the kindness of strangers.


Gifts That Give Back to the Environment


two leather band wooden watches laying on a whiskey barrel top


This year, you could plant a tree … or you could just let us do the dirty work.


Humble brag: we at Havern have partnered with an environmental nonprofit out of Vermont called One Tree Planted. This organization has dedicated themselves to reforestation across the globe; in turn, with every product purchased from our site, One Tree Planted – you guessed it – plants one tree. And, we’re willing to bet, are HUGE fans of gifts that give back to the environment.


So, when you buy one of our, say, Wooden Watches? Yep – one tree gets planted. 


It’s kind of like the gift that keeps on giving. To Mother Earth.


Curious to see where we've planted? Check out our One Tree Planted Partnership Tree Planting Update


Less Stuff - More Giving

We hope this post gave you some ideas on how to give back this Holiday season with out just giving more "stuff" and rather with gifts that give back. The gift of your time, compassion, and thoughtfulness can go a long way and we hope this post was that gentle reminder to look at your gifting list with fresh eyes this year!


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