One Tree Planted Partnership | Tree Planting Update

   One Tree Planted Partnership | Tree Planting Update 


At HAVERN Watches, we are committed to creating gifts that give back to the environment through sustainable resource projects and reforestation efforts across the world. Every one of our customers helps us in making a difference in communities, both large and small throughout the world. 


We are giving back to the renewable resources that have made HAVERN the company it is today by partnering with One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is a non-profit based in Shelburne, Vermont, and are dedicated to the reforestation efforts across the globe. We couldn't more excited to be making a difference alongside such a great organization. Simply put, every order we receive whether that’s a wooden watch, polarized sunglasses, or groomsmen package plants one tree. 


Together we have planted trees all over the world, from our backyard of Appalachia to Kenya and the Philippines. For a more in-depth tree planting update, we put together some exclusive details just for you. Below you will find more information on where we have planted trees and how your order has made an impact!


tree sapling with two hands holding it


Florida Tree Planting


Did you know that Florida is home to 37 State forests? Sustainable wood production, clean water, and wildlife habitat are just a few of the many things healthy forests provide. Due to the recent wildfires along with many strong storms and hurricanes, these forests have seen a deficit in resources. One Tree Planted not only helps us support this ecosystem but it helps the environment recover from natural disasters too.


Giving Back To Kenya


For the proper trees to grow a strong root, the best time to plant in Kenya is during March, April, October, and November. Due to the over-extraction of resources and illegal timber harvesting, roughly one-third of the original high-canopy forest remains. Planting trees here is important as around 200,000 people depend on this forest. A healthy and thriving forest is crucial for not just agriculture, but food and water as well. 


Planting Trees In Appalachia


Well known for the home to Appalachian Trail, and the Ozarks, there is no wonder there are over 150 trees species that can be found in this region. Due to mining and timber operations, much of the forest has been deteriorating. Sadly, an estimated 83% of this amazing habitat has been lost over the years. On the bright side, there are lots of environmentally conscious organizations and businesses initiating the return of this region’s original luscious state. These efforts along with our planting partners, help restore forests across all the Appalachian states. 


Colorado Tree Planting


It’s apparent that unhealthy forests can open the door to unwanted and disastrous wildfires. Wildfires can snowball into other complications such as erosion, lower water quality, and even dangerous flooding. Since Colorado has around 24.4 million acres of forest, the Forest must get the extra support it needs. Planting trees here impacts not only the areas burned by wildfires but also enhance the wildlife habitat and provide sustainable water supplies. A few native trees to Colorado are the Bristlecone pine, Colorado blue spruce, and the Narrowleaf cottonwood. 


Giving Back To Oregon 


Sadly deforestation isn’t just happening in the usual hot spots, it’s happening in Oregon too. An estimated 522,000 acres of forest cover has disappeared since 2000. With the help of One Tree Planted, we can support the ecosystem including soil, birds, and waterways. On top of supporting the ecosystem, One Tree Planted also plants over 35 native species back into these forests. A few of the iconic species known to Oregon is the Douglas fir, Oregon white oak, & Ponderosa pine.


We Are Proud To Be A Brand That Gives Back


Because of customers like you, we have been able to make an impact, not only in the United States but across the world. We strive to always be focused on giving back. Which is why we are very excited to continue support great organizations, such as One Tree Planted that make this tree planting possible. At HAVERN we are always looking for more ways we can create gifts that give back to the environment. So if you have an idea or donate to great organization yourself we would love to hear from you!


We look forward to earning your business!


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