Christmas Gift Guide: Top 5 Gifts for Dad

   Christmas Gift Guide: Top 5 Gifts for Dad   

There are two universal things we all know about dads: they love puns, and they are almost impossible to find a good Christmas gift for.


If he needs it, he’ll get it; and if he hasn’t gotten it, he doesn’t need it. That’s a classic dad philosophy, anyway, which is why you’re always in this same holiday predicament.


Fortunately, we’ve got some suggestions for a few solid Christmas gifts for Dad that we so humbly think he just might like. Or positively love. And no, none of them are a necktie or a gift card to Olive Garden. 


We promise. 


The Orion Ebony


For a timepiece that looks just as elegant as the name makes it sound, the Orion Ebony wood watch makes one of the most ideal dad Christmas gifts. Because after-all everyone needs a wood watch.  


 orion ebony wood watch on barrel


This refined piece of gentlemen’s jewelry is made out of real, reliably sourced ebony sandalwood casing with a matching wooden link watch band. And not only is it possibly the most sophisticated thing that may ever grace your father’s wrist; it boasts practicality as well (another thing dads love!). The watch face features a stopwatch, three sub-dials, and a calendar card. And the time.



Plus, did you know it’s customizable? Throw some engraved initials onto the back, his name, or even a handwritten message. Or to really boost the elegance that you know your dad deserves – upgrade to a wooden gift box. Which, yeah, can totally be engraved too.



Chiseled White Oak


three wooden watches laying outside on wood


Or, if your dad is more of the “lighter wood” kind of watch-wearer, might we suggest the Chiseled White Oak?



This wood-linked wristband is made with genuine white oak sourced straight from the United States. Its face is made with white marble, and features gold notch dial markers.



It’s the kind of watch that’s just casual enough to wear anywhere, but just fancy enough to fit in on special occasions. And don’t forget about the whole engraving-and-or-wooden-gift-box thing!



The Benson Walnut


benson walnut watch laying on a whiskey barrel



Let’s step away from the wooden watch bands for a moment and look over here at leather gifts for dad for Christmas.



The Benson Walnut watch features a genuine Benson walnut watch face, sourced directly from the United States. Its dark brown wood is just so conveniently paired with a comfortable and adjustable genuine leather band of very complementary coloring.



This is the kind of watch that can stand out or blend in – depending on what he’s going for.



And of course: custom engraving, wooden gift box … you know the drill.



Apple Watch Bands


apple watch with band on man's wrist in front of computer



Got one of those tech-savvy dads? The kind who has the whole world … on his wrist? Allow him to go through his tech-savvy life with a little bit of pizzazz – and we’ve got just the thing.



Stylish Apple Watch Bands are the perfect gifts for dads, to help go him from nerd to … fashionable nerd.



Our Apple Watch bands come in three types: Black Stainless Steel + Red Sandalwood, Black Stainless Steel + Zebrawood, and Stainless Steel + Walnut. Each one is a perfect mix of stainless steel and wood, and is compatible with all apple watch series.



Best of all, our bands promise to make a very practical piece of technology into a very attractive piece of technology.



Wooden Sunglasses


wooden sunglasses being held up by man with watch on



Be sure to add “wood sunglasses” to your “good Christmas gifts for Dad” list.



Dads need eye protection just as much as the rest of us, and that freebie pair he’s been rocking for years just won’t cut it anymore. Help him break out of that “these are just fine” streak with something a bit more, well, practical. And trendy.



We’ve got a variety of Wooden Sunglasses for that dad in your life that will help him both look good and protect his precious sight.



Take these Brooks Ebony + Zebrawood, for instance. They offer a classic wooden temple design with that polarized protection any dad would applaud. Or the Brooks Rosewood, with just enough color to add a pop of joy while still offering that vital polarization.



Got a super stylish dad (or want one)? See what you think of the Bailee Bamboo. We’ll just leave that there.



We hope you found some gift inspiration from our Top Gifts For Dad Christmas Gift Guide



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