5 Insanely Awesome Groom Gift Ideas

5 Insanely Awesome Groom Gift Ideas 

Let’s face it. There is a lot of gift-giving when it comes to weddings. Whether its gifts for the bride and groom, gifts for the father of the bride, gifts for wedding favors, or even bridesmaid gifts, the list can go on and on. What makes it even more difficult is having to come up with gift ideas for each. 


Knowing this stress firsthand, our team decided to put together a quick list of gifts ideas to help get at least one of these gifts off your list and perhaps the most important: the groom.


 Now, what do you get someone who already gave you a thoughtful and beautiful engagement ring? I mean, how can you outdo that? You can’t, but you get really super close, and we’ll tell you how!


Groom Gift Idea #1 | Personalized Watch


wooden watch with gold fill engraving


First up on our list of groom gift ideas is something not only functional but sentimental too. A personalized wooden watch is a great groom’s gift because it not only will this ensure timely arrival for your beloved on the big day, but it also allows for a custom message to be engraved on the back of the watch. 


This engraving can be a sweet reminder “see you at 5!” or even a treasured message engraved in your actual handwriting. Our brides have loved this customized feature as it truly levels up your watch to be a real keepsake for years to come. Simply upload a photo of your handwriting on a blank piece of paper, and our team will take care of the rest. 


Are you worried about sizing? All of our wooden watches can be easily resized by taking them to a local jeweler or by purchasing our watch resizing tool. For more resources on how to resize your wooden watch, click here


Gift Idea #2 | Apple Watch Band


stainless steel wooden apple watch band on wrist


But HAVERN Team, the groom, isn’t a watch person. He only wears his apple watch. Well, you found the right place. Our second wedding gift for groom idea is for grooms just like this! We offer a variety of stainless steel and wooden apple watch bands available to fit any apple watch series that they have. Did you just become the best gift-giver ever? Yeah, we think you did too ;)


Groom Gift Idea #3 | Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set


modern monogram engraved whiskey decanter set


Third on our list for a groom gift is sure to turn heads, or shall we say lift glasses? Man, that was a pretty silly transition. I decant even right now, too 😏  This gift is excellent for the simple groom that doesn’t like to accessorize but still likes the finer things. Grain+Oak offers a variety of designs that can be personalized on both the decanter and the whiskey glasses. Decanters make great gifts for the groom from the bride because not only does it look great at home, it’s something you can both enjoy!


Gift #4 | Polarized Wooden Sunglasses


polarized wooden sunglasses


Groom gift ideas are hard to come by, but not by us! Next up, on the list are our polarized wooden sunglasses. Not everyone wants an indoor wedding, and if you are getting married before the raging sun goes down, there might be a lot squinting going on in photos. Besides being blinded by the bride’s exceptional beauty, he might need some assistance in keeping the sun from distracting his view. Grab your groom a pair of these one of a kind sunglasses and help him stay focused during the big day! 


Groom Gift #5 | Foxtrot Wedding Band


tungsten wedding band on hand


Last but not least, the final grooms gift idea on the list is a Foxtrot Wedding Band. This brand was developed out of excessive demand for comfortable and durable wedding bands. Foxtrot has a large variety of tungsten wedding bands to choose from, and if you purchase their ring sizer tool, you automatically will receive 15% off your wedding band order! How awesome is that? Probably not as impressive as their 30-60-90 guarantee, which features 30-day returns, 60-day exchanges, and 90-day re-sizing. Give your groom a gift he can’t say no to (literally), with the peace of mind if he wants a different style he can exchange it with no added stress :)


Check It Off The List


We hope this list of groom gift ideas helps answer the “What to give the groom for a wedding gift?” question. Imagine the comfort you will feel once you have the groom gift already checked off your list. There are already so many decisions to make, so why not start on the most important first?


Speaking of gifts, want to get a portion of your list knocked out in one fell swoop? Check out all the reasons why wooden watches make great groomsmen gifts. The finish line for gift shopping might be closer than you think!


Thank you so much for reading, and we hope to earn your business and be part of your special day! 


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