Why Wooden Watches Make Great Groomsmen Gifts

   Why Wooden Watches Make Great Groomsmen Gifts 

You don't want just any groomsman gifts, you want cool groomsmen gifts. Ones your groomsmen will talk about over and over again. So you begin your quest by searching for groomsmen gift ideas, and you've seen your buddies post pictures of your matching groomsmen watches in dapper suits on their Big Day and you immediately think, "wow, that's so lame".

But then, you find yourself shopping for affordable groomsmen gifts and you really don't want to buy them socks. So you end up, regretting the mean things you said in your head about your friends, and now are contemplating buying groomsmen watches for your own groomsmen. If this is you, and you on the fence, we hope we can share some helpful information to consider before you make your purchase:


1) Their Unique Just Like Them


Group of Guys Sitting Around with Skateboards Smiling


Your groomsmen are most likely made up of lots of different personalities. There are only so many different designs of socks that can match or try to match each of your groomsmen's uniqueness. With wooden watches; however, each watch is crafted from natural renewable resources such as various types of wood like red sandalwood and walnut. Due to the varying wood grain, each watch is truly unique with its wood grain pattern and one of a kind wood color. To top it all off, add an engraving for a personal touch to each watch that truly sums up your friendship together.


2) Options for Various Wrist Sizes


Person Resizing Wooden Watch using a Watch Resizing Tool


Not only do your groomsmen have different personalities but they most likely have different wrist sizes too. We offer groomsmen watches with adjustable bands that can be easily resized to fit any wrist (see How to Resize Your Wood Watch for more information). If you’re not sure whether groomsmen watchband is the right size, we include a free watch resizing tool with each groomsman watch set to ensure each watch is properly fitted prior to the big day. Proper fitment is important, and the less flailing around last-minute tasks to do on the Wedding day the better. You can browse all of our adjustable band groomsmen's watch options here.


3) They Can Wear Them For Multiple Occasions


Man Crossing Arms with Wooden Watch on his wrist


Have you ever received a cheesy groomsmen gift and thought, "would it be terrible if I lost this?". Well, we've been there too. Not only are wooden watches radiating with a minimalist style, but they can also be worn more than once. We often hear our customers say that their groomsmen love the look of their watch so much they continued to wear it every day after the wedding, who doesn't love a gift that keeps on giving! Each of our one of kind watches is available in a groomsmen set that include free engraving, free shipping, and a free re-sizing tool.


4) Make Cool Pics For The Gram


Groomsmen Wedding Party Hands In Center Making a Circle with Wooden Watches On


Let's just cut to the chase. You're still thinking about those gram pictures of matching watches. We know it, you know it, heck your photographer probably knows it too. Photos of the big day help you reminisce about the joy and emotions you felt on that day. So why not fill those photographers' cameras with awesome shots of you and your dudes enjoying the one time you all look fresher than subway? Groomsmen watch in, ready, set, let's get hitched! We love to feature our customers and their big day. So check us out on social for more groomsmen watch inspirational pictures.


5) Free Shipping + Free Engraving


Engraved Wooden Watches for Groomsmen Laid Out in A Circle


Last but not least, all of our groomsmen watches receive free shipping, free resizing tool, and free engraving on top of our already generously discounted tiered pricing.

So if your thinking about a groomsmen proposal, or just ideas for groomsmen gifts we hope this light-hearted post helped you with some things to consider when searching for your groomsmen gifts.

We hope to earn your business and to be a part of your special day!

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