Top Christmas Gifts For Men

    Top Christmas Gifts For Men 


It may be a constant struggle, trying to figure out what to get the man in your life for Christmas. But, fortunately for you and this constant struggle of yours, we’ve got some of the top Christmas gifts for men. Right here on our site. You don’t even have to go anywhere!



Are you, perhaps, seeking something unique yet classy? Something that he needs yet doesn’t know he needs? We’ve got just the thing. Well, the things.


Apple Watch Band


apple watch band on mens wrist


Turn his tiny wrist smartphone into a classy piece of work with a little stainless steel and zebrawood.


We use only the finest materials in crafting these bands – for example, when we say real wood, we mean real wood. Not like “looks like wood” wood. Real wood. Which is why this is one of the top Christmas gifts for men (at least men who wear Apple Watches); we’d so gladly make his oh-so-practical watch something chic and fancy.



Now he can wear it to work, weddings, and fancy dates – and, instead of it clashing with his elegant attire, it will only enhance it. Because, remember? Real wood.


Polarized Wooden Sunglasses


wooden sunglasses on a guy smiling


Sure, it’s approaching wintertime, but his eyes still need safeguarding against the sun nonetheless. He also needs a pair of stylish shades to complete his image, more importantly, which is why this is such a good gift for guys. In our humble opinion.



These Brooks Gray + Zebrawood Polarized Wooden Sunglasses are made of – yep – real wood; so every pair has a unique wood grain pattern (because that’s just how wood works). They also are scientifically proven to make the wearer look 150% cooler (because that’s just how these sunglasses work).



Plus, see above: these bad boys are polarized. Which means eye protection for days, baby.


The Benson Ebony


the benson ebony wood watch on a whiskey barrel



Looking for classy Christmas gift ideas? Give your classy man a classy piece of class this holiday season. We present: The Benson Ebony Wood Watch.


This sleek time-teller looks good on any wrist and in any situation. It’s crafted straight from, well, Ebony wood and sourced from, well, Mozambique. It’s got a comfy (yet classy) leather band in a rich brown that, again, looks good in any situation.


Oh, and did we mention it’s classy?


The Orion Koa


wooden watch lying on whiskey barrel


It’s hip, it’s suave, and it’s a compliment magnet … we present: The Orion Koa! Koa wood is all the rage these days (and in days past, as you see here). This wood type is stylish, it’s unique, it’s lightweight, and yet it still manages to turn heads.



Just like this timepiece.



If you need more proof that this is among the best gifts for men, the faceplate also features stopwatch capabilities, plus a calendar card. But – though practical – these features are subtle enough to blend into the watch’s overall fashion-forward demeanor. 


And best of all, it adds the right vibe to any outfit. 


The Chiseled Ebony Sandalwood


ebony watch with marble dial face


Or! For other fancy-watch-related mens Christmas gifts, follow us as we take you to see The Chiseled Ebony Sandalwood. 


It’s frankly one of the best gifts for men because it’s useful (the watch thing!) and it’s fancy (the genuine sandalwood and white marble thing!). And, not only can you custom engrave it, you can also get it in a wooden gift box. Which is also engravable.



Plus, every time he looks at his watch, he gets to remember that he’s a fancy guy. What with the marble watch face and all.



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