Iconic Halloween Costumes to Wear with Your Havern Watch

It's that time again. We all experience the struggle to decide on the perfect Halloween outfit, so why not incorporate a classic Havern watch that you can keep wearing all year long? Below, we've compiled a list of some of the most iconic characters who ALSO rock some of the most famous watches in history. If you already have one of these awesome watches, then you're set for a Halloween costume. If not, then this may be the perfect excuse to finally treat yourself to the Havern watch you've been dying for this year. Don't be tardy to the party!

The Costume: GI Joe

The Watch: The Gavin/Wooden Watch

GI Joe is a solid costume choice, but it is essential to have a great watch to tie the look together. Every soldier needs to budget time, and the Gavin watch is the best way to do that. 

GI Joe Havern CostumePhoto Courtesy of Film Star

Made of black Sandalwood from South Africa, the Gavin is bold and unique, making it the perfect addition to your GI Joe Costume. The Gavin boasts a tough exterior and a one-year warranty, just in case you decide to take the costume a step further.

Havern Gavin Wood Watch

The Costume: Jim Halpert (The Office)

The Watch: The Orion Koa / Wooden Watch

The automatic calendar, stopwatch function, and reliable movement make the Orion Koa Watch a must-have for The Office, just as Jim would need to work tirelessly at Dunder Mifflin. The Gavin is made from Koa wood sourced from Australia, giving it the look of a classic gentleman's timepiece, ideally suited for Jim Halpert. Now all you need is to roll up those sleeves and sell some paper to finish the look.

Jim Halpert Havern
Photo Courtesy of Showbiz Cheatsheet

If you wear the Orion Koa Wooden Watch regularly or just need that one reason to buy it- this is your reason. This watch is the icing on top of the cake- a Jim Halpert costume from The Office. Now all you need is to find your Pam! 

Havern Orion Koa


The Costume: James Bond

The Watch: The Curtis Gold / Wooden Watch

James Bond is a timeless costume choice, but many people forget the final touch on their outfit every Halloween. A necessary component to any James Bond costume is a sleek watch to pair with an equally elegant tux. You may not be able to get your hands on the exact watch that Daniel Craig rocks in No Time to Die, but we have a look equally as great for you to don this season. 

James Bond Havern WatchPhoto Courtesy of GQ

The Curtis Gold Wooden Watch features dark, elevated details that make it ideal to complete a James Bond Costume. Gold Roman Numerals on the face gives off a timeless and upscale look essential to becoming this character. Take it a step further and have "007" engraved on the back to stay in character all year long. So do yourself and us a favor this Halloween, and don't forget your watch!

Havern Curtis Gold Watch

The Costume: Jim Lovell (Apollo 13) - 1995

The Watch: The Clark Blue

Bold and Modern, the Clark Blue is the ideal watch for your Apollo 13 astronaut costume. The unique black watch and blue stitching combo are modern but sleek enough to not distract from the one-of-a-kind spacesuit.

Apollo 13 HavernPhoto Courtesy of The Movie Blog

We can guarantee, you won’t want to take this unique watch off once the night is over. Have the back engraved for a more special touch to make the night’s memories last a lifetime.

The Clark Blue Watch Havern

The Costume: Agent J or Agent K (Men in Black) - 1997

The Watch: The Orion Ebony

If you were contemplating a Halloween costume from Men in Black this year, the Orion Ebony is a necessity. Its all-black features leave you no choice but to get this watch for Halloween (and, of course, the rest of your life). We think Will Smith would approve.

Men In Black MoviePhoto Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

The Orion Ebony's high-tech characteristics suit the needs of a MIB agent with an automatic calendar and stopwatch function. These features may not render you qualified to kill aliens, but it will keep you on time to every Halloween party and warrant many compliments. 

Orion Ebony Watch

Now that we’ve presented you with options, all that's left is to decide on which shoes you’d like to fill for the night. Have more questions about our watches? Contact us through our website or send us an email at info@havernwatches.com