5 Extremely Useful Gifts for Dad

    5 Extremely Useful Gifts for Dad  


We all know that moms are so much easier to shop for. While she’d be thrilled with a candle or a macaroni necklace (when you were a kid; but let’s be honest, you can probably still get away with getting this for her as an adult), the other half of the parental unit is typically looking for something a bit more … practical. 


But useful gifts for Dad can also be tricky to track down – especially if you’re searching for something that’s thoughtful too. 


Luckily for you, we exist … and we’ve got tons of stylish yet functional gifts for the dad in your life.


Or you can just try the macaroni necklace thing. You know him better than we do.


Men’s Leather Wallet


engraved leather wallet on wooden whiskey barrel



Give your dad somewhere chic, masculine, and – best of all – personable to stash his cash.



Our Men’s Leather Wallet + Clip features five card slots (each of which can hold up to two cards) plus a secure cash clip. And, they’re made with genuine “Crazy Horse” leather, acclaimed in the leather world for aging well.


To make this gift more than just a wallet, we give you the option to personalize it; add his initials to the front, a sweetly sincere message to the inside, or do both!



A thoughtful, practical, high quality item that will last for years and years? That is such a dad thing.


Men’s Leather Money Clip


engraved leather money clip on whiskey barrel top



For the minimalist dads out there (or those you’re trying to encourage to be more minimalist): skip the full-blown wallet and go straight to the Money Clip


Just like the wallet, our money clips also have five slots which hold two cards each; so it has just enough room for all of his credit and membership cards without allowing him too much extra fill-it-just-to-fill-it space.


Also just like our wallet, it’s made out of the kind of high-quality, long-lasting leather that dads just love.


And, we – of course – offer the option to personalize it with an initials stamp or a personal message. Or both! Add this to the “gift ideas for Dad that just might make him tear up” category.


Apple Watch Band


apple watch band on man's wrist on railing



Oh, your dad has an Apple Watch? The good news: you likely have a more tech-savvy dad than most. (Or at least he knows his step count better than most.)


The bad news: you likely have a nerdier dad than most.


Balance his nerdiness with a little bit of style: meet our selection of Wooden Apple Watch Bands! These come in three varieties of wood-stainless-steel combos, and fit with any Apple Watch series 1-5. They’re just trendy enough to give his gadget watch the vibe of a real watch – without making it look completely out of place.


It’s one of the greatest gifts for Dad (techie Dad, anyway); and yes, he can still get his step count in.


Wooden Sunglasses


wooden sunglasses in jean jacket pocket



If there’s one thing dads love more than puns, ValPak, grilling, and teaching his kids how to change a tire: it’s eye protection.


Give your dad the gift of eye protection this year, but in the most dapper way possible. 


Our Wooden Sunglasses come in a variety of styles and colors to appease a variety of dads out there; from bamboo to zebrawood to walnut, with various frame types too.



And yes, of course, all of our sunglasses are so very polarized – which is what makes it one of the most useful gifts for Dad we can think up.


Hey, like he always said, you’ve got to protect those corneas.


The Time


man standing with hands in his pockets in a jean jacket



Adorn Dad’s wrist with the gift of practicality and personalization. Our impressive selection of watches (both Wooden and Leather!) will suit the needs of any kind of dad; from the flashy to the modern to the ones who just like to know the time.


Not sure which one he’ll be most taken by? We’ve compiled all of the Best Watches for Dad right here.


And, because we want all of our dad gifts to be as personalized as possible, we give you many options for doing so; engrave his initials or a short message on the back of the watch face. Or to really take this gift for Dad to the next level, you can even handwrite (or hand draw) an extra personal note or doodle.


There may be some tears. Just be warned.


Now It's Decision Time


We hope you enjoyed these extremely useful gift ideas for Dad, and just maybe you came across the perfect gift for Dad; or maybe it helped spark another gift idea for you! Regardless we hope you stay in touch with us by checking us out on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.


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