10 Apple Watch Features You Didn’t Know Existed

    10 Apple Watch Features You Didn’t Know Existed 


Yes, your Apple watch can track your activity, read text messages, play your favorite podcast, access weather updates, walk the dog, and do the dishes—wait what? Okay, maybe not those last two, but you get the picture—it can do a heck of a lot!



Whether you’ve had your Apple watch for a few years now or you just got it for Christmas, there are probably Apple watch features you don’t even know about….yet.



Let’s jump right in and uncover some hidden gems, shall we?



1. Siri, Go Fetch!


iphone laying by cup of coffee and paper on the couch


We all do it. You set your phone down or it falls between couch cushions. 30 seconds later you notice you don’t have your phone. Suddenly you feel like your heart is in your throat. Panic sets in.



Great news! Those days are long gone. Open Siri from the home screen on your Apple watch, and ask Siri to find your phone. Even if your phone is on silent, Siri can ping your phone! Seriously, game-changing, right?



2. Wash Yo’ Hands


soap on hands


There are smart watches that have hand-washing timers but they’re pretty impractical because not many people remember to tap on a timer before washing their hands—you might remember mid-wash and then what good is it?



Sensing the handwashing motion and sound of soap and water, the 20 second handwashing timer on the Apple watch turns on. The watch alerts you when the recommended time is reached. This doesn’t happen automatically. If your watch has this feature available, you can find it from the Settings menu. Tap the hand-washing icon to enable or disable the feature.



3. Activity Rings


activity rings shown on apple watch on wrist


If you’ve had an Apple watch in the past and recently updated or you have a 4th generation or later model, you can now change the rings. Previously, the exercise and stand rings were set, and there was no changing them. This caused these rings not to be completed and people who were dead set on accomplishing this every single day were left frustrated and upset.



Now, you can change and set the exercise ring to as little as 10 minutes a day, and stand is flexible enough where you don’t have to stand once every 12 hours.



4. Time Travel


apple watch with stopwatch on the face


No, Doc Brown doesn’t drive up in the DeLorean to take you back to the future, although that would be pretty heavy. Depending on which watch face you tap on, you can spin the digital crown backwards or forwards to see past events, future appointments, weather forecast, when the next Full Moon will be, and more.


5. Movie Theatre


movie theatre sign "popcorn factory"


Although not as criminal as talking or texting during the movie, having your wrist light up when you go to grab a handful of popcorn or adjust your Apple watch band isn’t an ideal scenario. Prevent this problem by tapping the Control Panel from the home screen, scroll down until you see two faces, that’s Theatre Mode. To keep your watch from lighting up like the 4th of July or making noise, tap the faces to enable Theatre Mode, then tap again to disable.



6. Screenshot


Yes, just like with your iPhone, you can take a screenshot on your Apple watch. Press and hold the side button while tapping the digital crown.



Apple watch screenshots will appear in your iPhone photo gallery. You can then send your screenshot via text message.



7. Flashlight


flashlight on apple watch with light bulb behind it



There are times when you need a little extra light to see, and yes your cellphone has the flashlight feature, but usually when you need the light, you don’t have your iPhone in hand.



An option that’s easily accessible, being attached to your wrist, is the flashlight on your Apple watch! A quick tap on your home screen’s Control Panel, swipe up, you’ll see the flashlight icon. Light is a default bright white but you can swipe left or right to change colors or even make it a strobe light.



8. Memoji


memoji displayed on iphone


Brighten up your day with a cool new watch face. Download the Memoji app and create a cartoon animation of yourself. You can also choose an adorable panda bear, giraffe, or other characters.



Don’t forget to kick up your unique Apple watch aesthetic by adding in one of our favorite and best Apple watch bands.


9. World Clock


world clock watch and phone lying on book next to coffee and plant


If you’re traveling between time zones, tap the digital crown and turn the outer dial until you see the time zone you’d like to add to your watch face. You should then see your current time zone and the 2nd time zone located on the watch face.



We really like the look of adding the World Clock to the watch face, especially when you have the sleek wood and steel Apple watch band—it gives a globe trotter, professional world traveler vibe. If you don’t have a cool Apple watch band to match that awesome watch face, is it even an Apple watch?



10. Share


unique watch face on apple watch


If you happen to see a watch face that you really like—maybe it’s the colors or the configuration, you can ask the person to share it with you (ideally this person would be a friend—as you might get a strange look if not). If you tap and hold the home screen, several options will appear including “Share”.



Once they tap “Share” they can send it to you via text message. Open the text and install the new watch face. 




Apple is always coming out with new features to personalize and create unique user experiences. Changing the watch face, choosing stainless steel watch bands or an Apple watch band with a stunning wood band are both easy ways to make the watch truly one-of-a-kind.




Speaking of one-of-a-kind accessories, make sure to check out Koa wood watches. They’re stunning!




Which watch feature did you not know about--or did you know all of them?




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