How to Resize Your Wood Watch

October 31, 2018



  • Take your watch to a jeweler/watch repair shop to have them size it for you (generally this is offered as a free service) ⌚️ 
  • Purchase our recommended watch resizing tool from our site and watch our detailed video tutorial  🎥
  • Have a HAVERN Team Member resize your watch; There are 2 ways to contact us: 
    •  1) Contact us through our website resizing forum
    •  2) Email us at and our team respond with 24 hours 

More details on each option are below 😊

Option 1: Visit a Local Jeweler or Repair Shop

This is a great option for someone who needs their watch resized quickly (ex: groomsmen needing watches resized a few days before the big day, etc).  Most local jewelers offer this as a free service (another plus 💸) and have the correct tools to resize your wood watch ⌚️ 

Option 2: Purchase Our Watch Resizing Tool 

 Having a watch resizing tool allows you to customize the fit of your watch as often as you would like.  It's convenient for any changes in wrist size and you don't have to leave your house 🏠 (Well...unless you count walking to your mail box to get your tool 😜).  Our Team put together a quick video tutorial that walks you through this process, step by step; click this link to access this tutorial.  (Tip💡:  To ensure the best video quality, double check that you are watching the video in 1080 HD ✨)

How to Resize Your Wood Watch

Option 3: We'll Resize Your Watch For You 

If you don't feel like finding a local jeweler and your not super savvy when it comes DIY, that's ok 😀 We are here to help! Please email us at or contact us through our website resizing forum.  This page will ask you for your original order number.  Please provide this information in the designated text box, add to cart and complete your purchase. 

The address provided here is where the watch will be returned to. Return your watch to the below address and include your original order number in the package as well as the number of links needed to be removed or the wrist circumference.

HAVERN Watches

 PO Box 1758

Huntersville, NC 28070

Once our team has received your order and watch, our team will resize your watch as soon as possible 👍

HAVERN Resizing Forum


Lindsey | Customer Service Lead

HAVERN Brand Team Member

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