5 Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    5 Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas 


If you’re looking for a personalized Father’s Day gift for that awesome-sauce dad in your life, you’ve come to the right place. For unique Father’s Day gifts, giving it that added “WOW!” factor, personalization is key. 



We’ve come up with 5 personalized Father’s Day gift ideas that are as incredible and unique as that one-of-a-kind dad of yours.



 1. Wallet 


engraved leather wallet


Wallets make exceptional gifts for Fathers Day because they’re functional and are used every single day. When you personalize it, dad will be reminded just how much he’s appreciated whenever and wherever he takes it out. 



“A father carries pictures where his money used to be.”-Steve Martin



Leather wallets made from genuine crazy horse leather can last a lifetime, and the cool thing about crazy horse leather is that its stunning vintage look will get accentuated as time goes on.



Get it personalized with initials, an important date, or a memorable quote.




2. Watches


koa wood watch lying on barrel top


There are few items that we’d say every dad must have but a showstopping personalized wooden watch with the functionality of a sleek stopwatch is definitely one of our top picks for gifts for dad.



This Orion Koa wooden watch is a unique father’s day gifts idea. This is a beautiful watch that can be passed down for generations to come.



Koa wood is an exotic wood you might not have ever heard of. So, what is Koa wood? Koa wood is striking wood with phenomenal color patterns and textures. It is highly versatile and has been used to make everything from canoes to jewelry. Koa wood actually has a unique property called chatoyancy, which means the wood grain gives a type of shiny holograph appearance. How cool is that?!



Another watch option is the Rexford Ebony. For the dad that prefers the classics, this is the watch for him. This stunning watch has a traditional watch silhouette and timeface. It’s crafted from black sandalwood sustainably sourced from Mozambique. 


rexford ebony wood watch



If you’re looking for a unique watch that will turn into a conversation starter, and you have a dad who likes to dress to impress, this Chiseled Ebony watch is a popular choice. The white marble face is contrasted perfectly with the black sandalwood. 


marble dial watch on mens wrist


And for that finishing touch to your gift for dad, combining a personalized watch with a personalized box will really be the icing on the cake and make this Father’s Day a smash hit! If you’re not sure which watch would be the best fit for your dad, check out more recommendations here.


marble watch in wooden gift box


3Apple Watch & Band


apple watch band on mens wrist holding phone



Depending on your budget and if you’re planning on going in on a gift with siblings to get dad a Father’s Day gift, an Apple watch would be a solid choice. You can find basic models starting as low as $199.



Does your dad already have an Apple watch? That’s awesome--we’ve got something just for him! Check out this hybrid stainless steel and wood watch band that’s compatible with Apple Watch Series 1-5. This band is a surefire way to stand apart from the basic black bands that come with the Apple watch. Include the personalized box with a heartfelt message (or his favorite “dad joke”) to give it that personal touch!



4. Leather Money Clip


Men's Leather Money Clip


A personalized leather money clip is one of those things dad would never think to get for himself. A leather money clip is a unique Father’s Day gift that’s also functional. It would make the perfect Father’s Day gift for the dad celebrating his first Father’s Day or the dad celebrating his 40th Father’s Day!




The coloring of the leather has an intentional vintage look that gets even better with age. This personalized leather money clip will last a lifetime.



5. Create Your Own Necktie 


dad in balloons on top of neckties


Is your dad the self-proclaimed King of the dad jokes? Is he constantly spouting off one-liners that make you simultaneously laugh and roll your eyes? Give dad something you know he’ll really love. Your face on his tie. That’s right. You can send in your chosen photo to PurpleRoseHouse and they’ll create a high quality tie with your face on it! 



Speaking of dad jokes, how can you tell a tree is a dogwood tree? Any guesses? Because of his bark! You're welcome.



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We hope our list of personalized Father’s Day gift ideas has given you ideas and inspiration. Whatever you choose to gift your dad for Father’s Day, don’t skip adding that extra personal touch to it; whether it is engraving a favorite quote, nickname, initials, or important date. Your dad will love it and it will make him feel like a million bucks.



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