5 Epic Groomsmen Proposal Ideas

    5 Epic Groomsmen Proposal Ideas 


Congratulations! You popped the question, she said yes, now it’s time for the good stuff! You get to ask your groomsmen to be by your side. This is your opportunity to show your loyal crew just how much those years of friendship meant to you. 


We are here to help you do just that and really knock their socks off with one incredibly memorable proposal. (You get bonus points if they shed a tear or two.)



Here are 5 epic groomsmen proposal ideas we just love.



1. What Time Is It? 


The Leo Wooden Watch


This is a great idea if you have friends that live out-of-town and you can’t get together in person to ask them to stand for you. 


This idea takes preparation and creativity, but trust us when we say, the memories that will be made, will be totally worth it. Let them know ahead of time they will be getting a package in the mail and not to open it. Ask them to text you when it arrives. Send them the video link.



Wait, video link? What video link? Yes, video link. You are going to put together a “greatest hits” montage of sorts. You can use video clips of you talking about your favorite memories together, photos, or both. Yes, here’s your chance, now would be the perfect time to pull out those photos or that cellphone footage you’ve been holding onto (you know what we’re talking about). After they’ve watched it and are keeled over from laughing so hard, they can open up the package.


When they open their groomsmen boxes they’ll uncover a handwritten note: “It’s time..I’m getting married! Will you be my Groomsman?”. Now, there’s no way they could turn you down after such an amazing stroll down memory lane and then having a stunning Custom Wooden Watch engraved with their name on it staring up at them.



2. Karaoke


carpool karaoke men laughing in a car


We know there are some of you out there who love belting out the tunes. Well, this groomsmen proposal idea is especially for you. Invite your friend out for karaoke night or if you’ve ever seen James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, you can pull off something similar. 



Whether you’re in the car or the bar, when it’s time to sing, you’ll be singing...you guessed it.



“I won't cry, I won't cry

No, I won't shed a tear

Just as long as you stand, stand by me.”

Stand by Me by Ben E. King 


You can be as over-the-top or as melodramatic as you want. Get down on one knee and propose to the lucky groomsman or simply hand him an invitation to suit up and stand up. Either way make sure you have someone on stand-by capturing this special moment on camera. 



3. Guys Night Out


groomsmen standing with socks showing


Invite your chosen groomsmen out for a night on the town and don’t tell them why you’re getting together. When you have everyone together, give them their custom engraved gift boxes, and have them open them at the same time. They’ll be blown away. 


What’s in their custom gift box? Think of it as a Groomsmen Starter Kit. You can get as formal or as informal as you want when creating their gift boxes and formulating a plan for this groomsmen proposal idea.


Need ideas or inspiration on things to include?



- Tie

Custom Wallet

- Cigar

- Socks

How to Tie a Tie A Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Dressed by Potter Gift

- Socks

-Bottle of liquor/alcohol 

-Shot glass


-Beef jerky

-Mixed nuts

-Playing cards 


-Gift card to barber shop



4. Puzzle


jigsaw puzzle with words asking to be my groomsmen



If you’re looking for a simple but creative way to ask your friend to stand by your side on your big day, this is a solid idea. Give them a “Will You Be My Groomsman?” jigsaw puzzle. 



They’ll get to experience the curiosity, anticipation, and excitement of putting the puzzle together. When they start seeing the words come together, your custom message asking them if they will be a groomsman, they will be so excited! Then you’ll have to wait for them to either say “YES!” or….well..of course...they’ll say “YES!”.



These custom jigsaw puzzles are high quality and also make really cool keepsakes too! Personalized or engraved gifts are the best.



5. I’m Hooked


groomsmen fishing lure



Invite your best guy friends out for a day of fishing. Bring the snacks, beverages, and...custom fishing lures. So, while everyone is laughing and have an amazing time, it’s time to bring out the custom fishing lures, and announce you’ve caught the catch of your life (insert the collective “awww….”) Present each of the guys with a lure. You can have their name and “Wedding Title” on it (e.g. “Best Man”) or “I’m Hooked”. 



Talk about memorable groomsmen proposal ideas, this one takes it--hook, line, and sinker to the next level. This day will become one of those epic days talked about each and every time you guys get together. Years down the road you’ll be able to recall the surprise on each one of their faces, hilarious reactions, and genuine excitement.



Time To Pop The Question 


However you decide to propose to your groomsmen, we know you’ll knock it out of the park with one of these creative groomsmen proposal ideas. This is your chance to shine and thank the guys that have helped you come this far with the best groomsmen gifts. When you’re looking for the perfect groomsmen gifts or wedding gifts, visit HAVERN.



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