10 Things to Know About One Tree Planted

   10 Things to Know About One Tree Planted 


One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization founded by Matt Hill. Matt believed that you didn’t need something complex in order to have a significant impact on the world. While selling (or, rather, attempting to sell) corporations on purchasing greener more eco-conscious packaging, he realized there had to be a better way. He was inspired to create something corporations and individuals can do that was simple and easy to understand. It doesn’t get much simpler than $1 for 1 tree. In 2014, this non-profit was born.


person planting a tree into the ground



One Tree Planted is partnered with HAVERN watches and plants a tree for every watch purchased. HAVERN has a strong commitment to gifts that give back to the environment. You can find our latest tree planting update here.




1. Planting Trees




One Tree Planted is on track to plant between 25-30 million trees around the world by the end of 2021.



Where are the trees being planted? Everywhere--from North America to The Pacific. Trees are being planted in areas where rampant deforestation has occurred; places that have been decimated by forest fires; and locations that are beginning to rebuild and recover after other environmental disasters. 



For specific locations of tree planting, click on the regions below.



North America



Latin America 












The Pacific 




2. Education



One Tree Planted established the T.R.E.E.S. School Program to provide education from elementary school to college with a host of lesson plans, activities, and other resources offered free of charge to teachers and administrators. 



3. Jane Goodall Institute 



One Tree Planted has many invaluable partnerships and collaborations with organizations and businesses around the world.   



In 2020, One Tree Planted announced their partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute and the Wildlife Habitat & Corridor Restoration Project. This partnership will result in helping Uganda’s reforestation efforts, with more than three million trees being planted in Uganda!



4. Brands that Give Back



One Tree Planted partners with businesses and corporations to help improve their social sustainability as well as do something positive for the environment. From Warner Music Group planting 100,000 trees for their employees to Heineken’s “Brewing a Better World” promotion.



5. Tree Ambassador



You can become an One Tree Planted Ambassador and help the mission by joining a network of like-minded individuals. You can organize, fundraise, and promote your own tree planting initiative in your area. To sign up as a Tree Ambassador, visit here.



6. Team



The One Tree Planted team is composed of experts from a wide range of fields with one common goal, spread the mission of One Tree Planted and secure the beautiful great outdoors for future generations. 



7. Why Trees?



Why did Matt Hill decide tree planting was what he wanted his organization to be built around? Trees clean the air we breathe! Trees help prevent natural disasters like floods and landslides. One solitary tree can be home to many different animals, fungi, and insects. 



Planting a single tree can truly change the world. Planting thousands and millions of trees can change the planet and help drastically reduce the effects of climate change. It all starts with planting one tree. Did you ever know trees do so much?




8. Tree Planting Process




One Tree Planted is committed and involved every step of the way when it comes with trees on behalf of their organization being planted. Long before they plant a tree, the designated area has been researched, tree species has been decided, and volunteers or staff are put in place.




After the tree has been planted, the One Tree Planted team collects key metrics including survival rate, aerial photographs of reforestation efforts, jobs created, and more. It’s an incredibly choreographed process that’s resulted in millions of thriving, beautiful trees.



9. $1 Trees



You might be curious if all trees cost $1 and the answer to that is no. Tree costs vary by species and location but when costs do exceed $1 per tree, One Tree Planted partners with other organizations to make-up the cost difference. If the cost of the tree is less than $1 than the leftover sum can also get carried over.




10. How Do You Know if Your Tree is Planted?




You’ll receive updates via email to let you know when your tree is being planted. You’ll also be sent reports on the species of tree, survival rates, and photos of the process. The One Tree Planted team works incredibly hard to make sure their donors are kept in the loop every step of the process.




With every HAVERN watch purchase, One Tree Planted plants a tree. HAVERN is incredibly proud of their partnership with such a ground-breaking (literally) organization that is focused on making a difference in the world. We look forward to continuing our support and seeing what the future has in store.




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